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8.30am     Bible Study Fellowship #1
9.45am      Traditional Style Worship (Bldg. B)
                     Bible Study Fellowship #2

11.00am    Celebration Worship (Bldg. B)
                     KidMin (Grades 1-5) (Bldg. C)
                     Bible Study Fellowship #3

5:00 pm     Adult Choir Practice (Choir Room)                            (every 4th Sunday)

5:30pm      AWANA (Ages 2 - 5th grade) (Bldg. C) 
6.00pm      YTH (Grades 6-12)(LC)
                     Adult Bible Study (Bldg. B)


5:30pm      Senior Adult Choir Practice (Bldg. B)
                     (see publications for exact dates)

6.30pm      WNL Children's Choir  (Bldg. C) 
                     Small Group (Grades 6-12)(LC)

                     Adult Bible Study (Bldg. B)


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